DBPix for Windows

Image control for photo databases and image management

DBPix is an Image Control for building database applications with picture handling capabilities, such as photo databases and other image management systems.

DBPix Features & Capabilities

  • ActiveX™ data-binding - handle images like conventional data.
  • Optimize quality, compression, performance, bandwidth & storage.
  • Add digital camera & TWAIN scanner support.
  • Manage web or intranet image content.
  • Create 'purposed' images - thumbnail, detail, print, archive etc.
  • Storage inside database tables, as external files, or a mixture of both, to build scalable & manageable solutions.
  • Automate image processing and content management.
  • Work with all common databases and field types, eg Access, SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL and other databases with Blob, OLEObject, or equivalent long binary data types for storage of images embedded in the database table.
  • Use with Microsoft® Access, Visual Basic®, Internet Explorer, Visual C++®, VBScript, VBA, DAO, ADO, RDS and more.
  • Compressed bitmap image storage using industry-standard jpeg encoding or lossless png.

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DBPix 2.0.3

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